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Are Career Coaches Worth It?

Are Career Coaches Worth it?

Knowing When (And When Not) To Invest in a Coach

If you’re wondering, are career coaches worth it, you’re not alone. Coaching can be a complete waste of time and money. And that might be because of your coach, but more often than not, it’s a result of misplaced expectations. 

When deciding whether you should hire a personal coach, the first thing to look at is yourself. Are you ready? If you are, it’s time to choose the right coach for you. 

Make Sure You’re Ready

One of the things you may hear from a coach during high-stress moments–often to your annoyance–is, are you coachable?

What that means is, are you able to take feedback at this moment? If all you’re looking for is a pat on the back or someone to cheer you on, you’re probably not coachable. However, if you’re truly seeking answers as to why you’re in your current situation and how you can move beyond it, you may be coachable.

In addition to being open to feedback, you also need to have goals or aspirations. There’s no point in hiring a coach if you don’t have a direction you’re trying to head. 

These goals can be specific, like wanting to achieve a pay raise by the end of the year or wanting to lose twenty pounds in the next three months. Or they can be broad, such as wanting to be happy, looking for a career change without knowing what that entails, or hoping to increase your earning potential.

All that matters is that you have your sights set on something.

Choose the Right Coach

If it turns out that you actually are ready to hire a coach, there are two important things to look for.


Check reviews and ask around. See what kind of reputation your prospective coach has. Look for reviews that say things like, “He calls me out on my bullshit” or “She helps hold me accountable to my own dreams.” 

You may see a bad review amongst the good ones. If so, explore the content of that review. If it suggests there were sketchy financial arrangements or inappropriate behaviors, steer clear. However, if it’s just someone who wasn’t yet coachable complaining that coaching is a waste of time, you may be okay.


You need a coach you can build a long-term relationship with. That means trust, chemistry, and mutual respect. It’s okay to interview your coach. If they’re any good, they’re going to interview you, too. Coaches are people, and not all people are able to “click” in a way that makes communication smooth and comfortable.

And that’s okay. If you try out a coach and it’s just not working, they’ll understand if you communicate with them about it. Ultimately, you are looking for an open and honest relationship that is genuinely two-way. Definitely don’t pay for something that isn’t helping you as much as you need. Just keep looking. There’s a coach out there for everyone.

Consider an Alignment Coach Instead

The question may not be whether career coaches are worth it, but whether it’s a career coach you need. If you have specific goals like losing weight or hitting a financial target, you may be tempted to seek out a specific coach like a personal trainer or a career coach.

However, keep in mind that you aren’t a person made up of different blocks stuck together and compartmentalized. You are a holistic, interconnected system. You carry your emotions with you at work, at the gym, and in your home. Very often, the results we’re getting in one area are connected to causes and results in other areas of our lives.

That’s why we recommend alignment coaching. This style of coaching addresses the whole person. It’s designed to help you find a healthy balance of mind, body, and emotion. So often, we deny things like emotions or signs of fatigue in the pursuit of our goals. Alignment coaches help you identify the areas you’re neglecting so you can improve the whole system. The result is that your results become almost effortless. 

So, are career coaches worth it? Yes! If you’re ready to do the work and you’ve found the right coach for your needs.

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