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What is Alignment Coaching?

Usually when seeking coaching services, people are looking for help achieving a specific goal. Often that goal revolves around weight loss, career development, or something to do with relationships.

Goals are important…but being goal-obsessed can slow you down.

While you can certainly get personal training for your health goals or a career coach to help you advance to the next level, working on your whole life in this piece-at-a-time manner and prioritizing this or that goal at any given time can lead to stress, burnout, and a general feeling of always playing catch-up and never quite getting to where you want to be.

A whole-life approach can provide you sustainable growth and a sense of fulfillment in the here-and-now.

You are the source of everything you accomplish and every impact you make. And as that source, you can function like a machine, always pushing capacity, repairing parts, and occasionally slowing down or malfunctioning.

Or…you can function like the living, growing being that you are. Like a seed with proper nutrients, water, and sunlight, you naturally evolve into the maximum version of yourself, always reaching and expanding, spreading impact and producing fruit. 

In this second scenario, the impact you make happens because of who you are rather than what you do. The benefits to this mindset and emotional state are:

  • Deeply understanding the significance of the reality that you are enough.
  • Feeling comfortable and at home in your own skin wherever you are.
  • Gaining resilience to handle the external circumstances that used to derail you.
  • Accomplishing your goals with ease as you learn the art of allowing good things to happen.

Finally finding fulfillment in the life you’ve built for yourself.

What Alignment Coaching is Not

*Our coaching is not therapy. If you are dealing with major trauma, abuse, or addiction, please seek medical and/or psychological care.

Growth Maker Labs Programs

One-on-One Coaching

For those that would like to supplement their group alignment coaching with one-on-one coaching services, you can select additional time with Rich and Chris. In order to schedule, it is best to email Rich or Chris directly to coordinate schedules.

$115 per 45-minute sessions
$10 off per session for a block of 8 pre-paid sessions  

GML Group Coaching Program

This five month program will devote four weeks to each of our four pillars (mind, emotion, body, and vocation) as well as four weeks of application of the principles. The group will meet virtually once a week for approximately 75 minutes.

The pillars are seen as the launching point to a better mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state of wellbeing. After the initial five month program, each cohort participant is encouraged to continue their journey with weekly group coaching sessions that will cover applied topics such as wealth, anxiety, scarcity, imposter syndrome, salary negotiation, guilt, inadequacy, career development, perfectionism, body image, and so many more.

Now Accepting Enrollments

The next cohort runs: September 11th, 2023 – January 29th, 2024
$397 per month
Get 18% Off When You Pay for 12 Months Up Front
$325 per month (60+ hours of coaching)

Enrollment includes:

✅ Weekly 75 minute coaching sessions
✅ Access to session recordings for life
✅ Discounted one-on-one coaching rates
✅ Special discounts on future programs and product launches
✅ Locked-in monthly price protection