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What if you treated yourself with the same care, attention to detail, and love as you do your family and career?

Reach Your Goals
Without burning out.

Feel Complete
Just as you are.

Access Joy
And avoid self-sabotage.

Live Your Values
Without compromising your desires.

Reduce Stress
Even in your current circumstances.

Enjoy Your Life
Without guilt or self-judgment.

The Growth Maker Process


Leave judgment at the door and engage your curiosity to discover:

  • The 3 D’s that make up your b.s. (belief system)
  • The core events in your life that affected how you see the world
  • The difference between reality and interpretation


The Lab work begins as we set ourselves up for success by:

  • Taking responsibility (not blame) for your life as it stands.
  • Clearly defining the values and beliefs that will guide future decisions.
  • Setting goals and claiming the life you want.


Enjoy continued support as you grow in all areas of your life with:

  • Accountability partnership from your coaches and community.
  • Balanced outcomes that are aligned with your truest self.
  • Better health and well-being.

GML Coaching Services

We offer both group coaching and one-on-one coaching as well as a self-paced course. To learn more about enrollment dates, pricing, and what alignment coaching can do for you, visit our services page.

Christopher provided invaluable guidance throughout our engagement. He took the time to thoroughly analyze our company’s unique circumstances, challenges, and aspirations, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting innovative strategies. I was impressed with his remarkable ability to translate complex concepts into practical strategies that yield tangible results.  Christopher’s insights and recommendations were incredibly insightful, enabling me to make informed decisions and implement changes to drive growth for the company and for me personally.

Stacey R.

Chris’s guidance has been transformative in helping me tackle complex business decisions. He excelled at understanding my specific needs and translating complex issues into digestible concepts. Not only did Chris provide valuable input on topics I was wrestling with, he would often broaden my perspective, giving me insight into topics I hadn’t even considered.

George W.

What We’re About

It’s simple. We’ve experienced the power of mindset and emotional alignment to free ourselves from stress, anxiety, depression, and more. And now we want to share that power with everyone who is looking for a better way to live and be.

Meet Your Coaches

Richard Marra

Rich is Senior Vice President, Global Professional Services with Rhapsody and executive coach for individuals and teams. Alignment coaching helped him overcome personal trauma and achieve a better life for himself and his family.

Christopher Goff

Chris is a Senior Director of Sales Compensation at Labcorp, a speaker on the subject of sales compensation, and author of three books. Alignment coaching helped him lose 133 lb. and find comfort in his own skin.

Learn More About Alignment Coaching

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Should I Hire a Life Coach?

If you’ve ever wondered whether a life coach is right for you, here are a few important things to consider.

What is Coaching and Who is it For?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is alignment coaching?

Alignment is a whole-person approach to clearing out the blockers and beliefs that are getting in the way of you achieving the life you want and enjoying the life you have. With alignment coaching, we look to align the mind and emotions so you can live as the truest version of yourself. You can find more information here.

How does the program work?

This five month program will devote four weeks to each of our four pillars (mind, emotion, body, and vocation) as well as four weeks of application of the principles. The group will meet virtually once a week for approximately 75 minutes. You can learn more here.

What makes this program different?

The difference with GML is the emphasis on mindset and emotional state before digging into the goals and objectives that are generally the emphasis of most coaching programs. The other major deviation is our method – dual hosted and in a group setting. Rich and Chris bring varying backgrounds and experiences to help share guidance for your personal journey. Additionally, the group setting allows for greater exposure to others’ stories as well as greater vulnerable sharing and quicker development and growth. Lastly, Rich and Chris are committed to you personally and desire to see all participants align to the greatest version of themselves.

What’s my commitment?

The alignment group coaching program requires commitment of time and focused engagement. To get the greatest benefit from the program, we ask that each participant prepare between sessions as well as showing up ready to share and be coachable. The time commitment is 75 minute sessions per week as well as approximately 1 hour each week of application of the topics discussed during the coaching sessions.

How much does it cost?

Alignment group coaching is $397 per month. One-on-one coaching is $115 per 45-minute session.

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If you have any questions or want to talk about coaching for yourself or your company, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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